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Looking Through My Eyes
Release Date: 2/14/99
16 tracks | 68:20 minutes

The room is lit with only the light of vanilla scented candles. Anticipation soars, the music begins to play, everything is perfect.

On this CD Peace's lyrics say the things we would all like to say to that special love in our life. He plays acoustic and electric guitars, piano, bass and drums. Next he adds layers of his smooth as velvet vocals and weaves a tapestry of textures that lets the listener relax and sail away to utopia.


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  1. Looking Through My Eyes
  2. These Wings Were Made To Fly
  3. Five Hundred Miles Together
  4. And Tomorrow Never Comes
  5. Angel
  6. I Risk It All
  7. I Can Take You To The Stars
  8. You See The Same Thing In Me
  9. Music Lover (feat: Angela Lockhart)
  10. Warmth Of Your Fire
  11. And The Fire Burns
  12. When Two Souls Fall In Love
  13. When
  14. In The Space Of Time
  15. I Wanna Tell You
  16. Keeper Of Dreams
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My Lonely Guitar
Looking Through My Eyes
The Night
Peace of Christmas
Peace of Paradise
Whisper on the Wind
Attila and of HUNS

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