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My Lonely Guitar
Release 2000 - 2008
Re-release Date: 2011
Winged Warrior Wecords
12 tracks

genre: Adult Contemporary - Pop - Easy 70/80s Michael performs some great vocals and harmonies. Smooth style music, an excellent collection of love songs from Michael Peace perfect for romance.

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, all vocals Michael Peace. "Forever" (Michael and Ziona Duet)

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Song List:

  1. When Will You be Mine
  2. My Lonely Guitar
  3. I Believe In Rock n Roll
  4. Beyond This Night
  5. Someday
  6. A Shadow In Her Light
  7. And You Love To Dance
  8. How Are You Tonight
  9. Forever (Michael and Ziona Duet)
  10. Fire Mountain
  11. Space Of Time
  12. Is It Good Enough Yet
  13. I Wanna Tell You



My Lonely Guitar
Looking Through My Eyes
The Night
Peace of Christmas
Peace of Paradise
Whisper on the Wind
Attila and of HUNS

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