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Release Date: 2006
Label: TOP DAWG Entertainment
12 tracks

Tenacity is the art of never giving up. This title was chosen as the thread that is woven through the songs and the key strength of the artist who has been singing for over 4 decades.

Michael never quits. His music and voice are as solid and powerful as they have always been; actually he is better than ever today. His quest to write stirring lyrics and melodies will easily stand the test of time.

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  1. Where the Dog Sleeps
  2. Living without Love
  3. Looking Through My Eyes
  4. Music Lover (feat: Angela Lockhart)
  5. In My Life
  6. Angel
  7. Fire Mountain
  8. A Thousand Times
  9. For the First Time In My Life
  10. Morning Light
  11. The Greatest Work of Art
  12. I Believe In Rock n Roll
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My Lonely Guitar
Looking Through My Eyes
The Night
Peace of Christmas
Peace of Paradise
Whisper on the Wind
Attila and of HUNS

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