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"Whisper On The Wind"
by Michael Peace

Whisper On The Wind
Release Date: 2/1/2006
12 tracks

Smooth and Easy 70/80s style music, an excellent collection of love songs from Michael Peace perfect for romance.

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, all vocals Michael Peace Romantically believing in that the wind carries whispered words to someone far away. Whisper on the Wind

Here I am tonight, cozied up close to my blazing fireplace, another very late winter storm having just passed through, reminding us once again that we are forever at the mercy of Mother Nature. Rascal apparently doesn't care much about such things, being quite comfortable and content to have food, shelter, heat and his old Navajo blanket ... oh, and moi also I presume, for company.

This is a perfect night to choose to come to Michael's page to listen to this consummate musician, vocalist and performer. It is with the greatest respect and admiration Mike that I chance to offer a few words on another of your songs. For the life of me though, I don't know what possesses me to write the things I do about songs that I review. Perhaps it is a combination from my itinerary of world travels and the storied life that some say I have lived before finally pursuing my life-long dream here in the world of music. In any event, here I am again listening to your beautiful voice and your magical control of instruments as you seductively whisk me away to a place of wonder and imagination in my mind - a place that reminds me of starry nights long ago spent wistfully at the pool side bar of The Hideaway overlooking the sparkling Pacific Ocean and the moonlit beach of Waikiki, Diamond Head in the distance beckoning me to adventure. I remember envying lovers all around me, enveloped and caressed in each other's arms, wrapped in the wonder of the moment ... their dream much like your song Mike, a "Whisper On The Wind" .. enchanting, beguiling and seductive .. warm, soft and sensual. And you sir, deliver it with an artistry and passion that beautifully reflects your individual persona and musicality as well as your most accomplished and extensive repertoire and discography. IAC (Independent Artists Company) is by far the richer by your involvement and by your music. Legendary Music is warmed and charmed by your presence. And I am honored to have met you in this very special and wonderful forum and world of music.

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Song List:
  1. Whisper on the Wind
  2. And You Love to Dance
  3. She Calls Me Lover
  4. Maybe It's the Moon (feat: Dino Manzella )
  5. Let It be Tonight
  6. Where the Dog Sleeps
  7. Not Time Enough
  9. In My Life
  10. Forever Began With I Do (feat: Ziona Georges)
  11. My Lover, My Friend
  12. Candy Kisses
  13. Don't Be Afraid Of The Night
  14. Fairies And Dragonflies

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